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Chase Enterprises Publishing is looking for short fiction dealing with the theme: people on the fringe.

Published in 2015


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on June 2, 2015
This collection is short, making it a quick read. The stories are well written, and being a fan of American Indian lit, I enjoyed the Mike Money shorts threaded throughout, although I do wish some of those stories had a bit more structure. I’m glad the introduction warned that there was no theme or specific genre, as I would have gone in with expectations that might have led to an altogether different review.

“The Speed of Dark” is creepy and surreal, a great choice with which to start the collection. 5 stars

“The Disappearing Frying Pan” is serious and witty at the same time, a nice introduction to the rez at Big Trout Lake. 4 stars

“Stiletto” is a classic tale of revenge, offering some great details and a good amount of characterization in such a short space. 5 stars

“Retrovirus” is a lovely take on evolution and a nice commentary our technophile society. 5 stars

“Big Trout Lake Blues” is a sad slice-of-life tale with a lot going on but no real climax. Still it has a satisfying, fitting end and is a very good read overall. 4 stars

“Regarding Love” is my least favorite of the stories. It has a good premise but not quite enough follow-through. I really wish this one had been fleshed out a little more. 3 stars

“Wrong Number” is my favorite story in the collection, a great piece on the dark influences that push people into committing terrible acts—but also a nice glimpse into human redemption. A beautiful read. 5 stars

“The Maniac” first comes across as a supernatural thriller, but the twist is anything but. I liked the witty yet simple ending. 5 stars

“Return of the Dwarves” adds a hint of bizarro to an otherwise strictly sci-fi/fantasy story, but it’s the embedded social commentary that makes it so great. 5 stars

“The Last Unicorn” completely threw me, taking my expectations and tossing them out the window in a unique and interesting way. It feels like it could have been connected to “Retrovirus,” although the source to the unusual character is explicitly different. I love the ending, which adds an interesting depth to the title. 5 stars

Overall, I rate BEHIND THE RED DOOR 5 stars, and I recommend it to eclectic readers who enjoy a bit of literary flair to their fiction.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this collection in exchange for my honest review.